Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Guidelines for Digital File Submission

To enable BarkerBlue Graphics to better manage color and quality as well as to minimize delays in production, please follow these guidelines. Although we can work with files from most any commercially available software package, to ensure best results please use the following industry standard file formats: .ai, .psd, .indd, .eps, .tiff, .pdf



  • Include fonts or outline all fonts associated with your file.



  • Provide layered files and linked images.
  • Link placed images (do not embed). If images are not available in the proper color space, BarkerBlue will handle the conversion.


Raster Image Resolution

  • Superwide Inkjet (over 60 inches wide): 60 dpi at full size preferred.
  • Large Format Inkjet (under 60 inches wide): 150 dpi minimum, 240-360 dpi preferred.
  • Provide raster images at their highest native resolution.



  • Include bleed in all files.
  • For artwork under 40×40 inches, include 1/4 inch bleed.
  • For artwork over 40×40 inches, include 1/2 inch bleed.



  • BarkerBlue Graphics operates an ICC color managed workflow. Please embed any input or editing space profiles where appropriate.
  • Provide PMS color callouts and/or a physical reference such as a paint chip or color comp. Otherwise, all color and images will be considered “let fall.”



  • When supplying Production Ready PDF – please include all Native files.


File Upload


DFS Help

DFS Help

Online Guidelines

  • Download the BarkerBlue DFS Quick Reference Guide (1.3 MB)
  • Download the BarkerBlue DFS User Guide (1.6 MB)
  • Download the Spinner Dog File Upload Guide (246KB)


Useful Templates

Electronic Order Form

  • Download the latest Electronic Order Form to be used when submitting new files and/or updates to your DFS projects.

DFS Contact Template

  • Download the DFS Contact Template for use with mass importing of your contacts into your DFS account for one click selection of consultants or subcontractors during distributions or notifications.


Online Turtorials



To view drawings on ReproMAX DFS, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader

To view the online tutorials, you will need Flash Player

To use the Take-Off feature, you will need OnScreen Take-Off Reader. Please Click on the below link and Run “OST36223Setup.exe” installer file.

To be able to add files and folders to your DFS site, you will need the DFS Pro tool installed on your desktop. Click on the link and Run the “SetupDFMFileShare2.8.3000.msi” installer file.

  • Click Here to Install File Sharing Version – 2.8.4800 (01/23/2012)
DFS Installation Help

Install DFS Pro File Sharing

  1. Click the following link to install DFS Pro File Sharing
    Install File Sharing Version – 2.8.4800 (01/23/2012)
  2. Click Run when prompted to get the most current version of DFS Pro File Sharing.


  3. If the following dialog box displays, you do not have the current Microsoft .NET Framework installed. Click Yes to install it.


  4. To stay up to date on the most current version of DFS Pro File Sharing, repeat these steps every time a new version of DFS Pro File Sharing is released.


Connecting to the BarkerBlue DFS Pro System

  1. Launch the DFS Pro application from your desktop.
  2. Click the ‘Add Gateway’ button.
  3. On the screen you see below, enter the information as you see on the picture. Enter your own DFS username and password in the spaces provided.
    If you have not yet been assigned a DFS username and password, please contact

    03 dfm Connecting

  4. Click ‘OK’, then ‘OK’ again on the “Manage Environment Settings” screen.

    04 dfm Connecting

  5. Your DFS Pro system will take you to the projects you have been granted access to. If you can not see any projects, or can not access the projects you can see, please contact or call 650-696-2100 and ask for DFS Support.


Additional Information

  • Click Here for the DFS Pro User Guide.
  • Click Here to download the free Autodesk DWF Viewer. This will be needed to view some AutoCAD drawings.