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We are a San Francisco Bay Area based document and digital asset management company that acts as a central hub of information across the Bay Area and North America. We offer a full suite of services including industry agnostic data management and Office Workflow Optimization, as well as any scale of document printing. In short – we can apply any custom processes that will help you manage your data and keep intellectual property safe, while making your tasks easier.

Records Management

We are a trusted provider of records management services with the goal to simplify every step of your business processes. We help companies manage internal data through compiling all documents – for you to view, save, search and distribute your information from one centralized location.

We offer:

  • Document Digitization
  • Version Control
  • Document description/ indexing
  • Searchable OCR
  • Keyword Linking
  • Usage Tracking and Statistics
  • Custom Reporting
  • Hierarchic Access
  • Taxonomy
  • File History
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Compiling
  • Quality Control
  • Controlled Distribution
  • Document Archiving
  • Cloud Management
Office Workflow Optimization

Our teams of dedicated Digital Asset Managers help speed the flow of information, enable collaboration among your team members, and provide comprehensive tracking and monitoring of all records/documents and related communications. We version control and provide various statistics for each and every document to make sure all involved parties are working on the very latest version.

Further, per your needs and requests we assist in the compilation and submission of records to any approval entity.

Platform Integration

BarkerBlue offers document management via platform agnostic asset management, meaning, we help organize your files in the cloud of your choice, updating your repository in any “box” service. The end goal is the same – having one single source of truth to significantly improve your workflow while eliminating errors and re-work.

Our Records Management service helps companies manage and organize both internal and shared data while giving you real-time access to all of your latest files, ready to be accessed by your staff from any device.

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